7 Reasons Why You Need Daily SPF Protection All-Year Round

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With summertime coming to a close, you might be tempted to pack away your SPF for another year. 

The truth is, SPF should be a mainstay in your skincare regime year-round. Yes, even on those cloudy autumn days and cold, dark winter months. 

What is SPF?

Short for Sun Protection Factor, the SPF rating of a sunscreen indicates how long it would take your skin to burn in comparison to no SPF protection. If you were to apply SPF25, it would take your skin 25 times longer to burn than it would if you left it sunscreen-free.

However, the SPF number only refers to the protection offered against the sun’s UVB rays. To ensure that you’re also protected against UVA rays (which are also damaging to the skin) choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

7 Reasons to Wear SPF Daily

  1. Helps to Minimise the Risk of Skin Cancer

The carcinogenic effects of sun-exposure are well documented, meaning UV-protection is essential for lowering the risk of developing skin cancer. Whilst the best advice is to stay in the shade and avoid direct sun exposure, it isn’t always realistic. SPF ensures that your skin has the protection it needs when out in the elements.

Top Tip: Both UVA & UVB rays are linked to skin cancer, so choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, like Yonka’s SPF50 Creme.

  1. Protects Against UV-induced Ageing

Excess sun exposure is known to accelerate the visible signs of ageing. UVA rays can deplete collagen in the skin, resulting in a loss of youthfulness and an increase in wrinkles and sagging. Fortunately, daily broad-spectrum sunscreen use has been shown to prevent photoaging.

Top Tip: Opt for a sunscreen formulated with hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients, like Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Sheer Tint Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30.

  1. Plays a Role in Preserving Skin Tone

Aside from accelerating the visible signs of ageing, sun exposure can also cause pigmentation issues. Dark marks and sunspots can arise from UV damage, meaning SPF can also help to preserve skin tone. 

Top Tip: This review article recommends the use of a sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect skin against hyperpigmentation. We like ASAP’s Moisturising Daily Defence with SPF50.

  1. Shield Skins Against Less Obvious Sun Damage

Even when the sun isn’t visibly shining, UV rays are able to break through clouds, inflicting damage on your skin. The risks that UV-exposure present in the summer are just as much of an issue in the colder months, making SPF a year-round necessity.

Top Tip: Protect lips from chapping in the cold weather whilst ensuring they’re UV-protected with an SPF lip balm, like ASAP’s Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 15.

  1. Can Contribute to Fighting Damaging Free-Radicals

When skin is exposed to UV it can generate harmful free-radicals, which then go on to disrupt cells. It’s this free-radical damage that is responsible for photoaging and has also been linked to DNA damage. However, research has shown that a sunscreen formulated with antioxidants could help to reduce the production of free radicals from sun exposure. 

Top Tip: Use a sunscreen formulated with antioxidants to keep cell’s healthy, like Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Hydrating Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30.

  1. Could Offer Digital Blue Light Protection

It turns out that the blue light emitted from digital devices could be damaging our skin in a similar way to UV-exposure. Although blue light from our tech isn’t as powerful as the sun rays, one study showed that ‘blue light contributes to skin aging similar to UVA’. The effects of blue light are not currently understood fully, but a UVA+UVB sunscreen may help to mitigate some of the negative skin effects of screen exposure. 

Top Tip: If you’re concerned about the amount of time you spent in front of a screen choose an SPF that’s easy to reapply throughout the day, like Yonka’s SPF 20 Spray.

  1. Added Skin Insurance

Although your foundation might contain SPF, most of us often don’t apply the amount needed to achieve the stated coverage. By applying sunscreen prior to makeup, you’re ensuring that your skin has an adequate amount of sun protection to shield against photoaging and cancer. 

Top Tip: If you find sunscreen too oily for your skin choose a mattifying product that won’t disrupt your makeup, like Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Mattifying Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30.

Stay Sun Safe Year Round

To prevent sun-inflicted damage, make SPF a daily non-negotiable product in your routine all year long. For best results, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen for UVA and UVB protection and reapply regularly throughout the day to reduce the risks of skin cancer and photoaging.

At Fifth Avenue, we stock a range of SPF and aftersun products to give your skin the care it needs pre and post-UV exposure. 

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