Gel nail extensions

Explore new lengths with our selection of gel nail extensions. Choose innovative gel/acrylic hybrid PolyGel and let our technicians mould the nails of your desires with a lightweight finish, or go back to classics with our standard UV-cured gel extensions. Select from a range of finishes for a fully tailored treatment.

Nail Art
  • 20min

We know that nail art is a must these days - do not hesitate to add on your gel polish / extension treatments!

From nail stickers to hand painted arts!

Please note, price varies on the nail art itself so on the day we can give you the exact cost for this service.

Fiber E.MI gel overlay
  • 75min
  • 60 eur

Incorporated fibers create a powerful cage that protects the nails and favours the nail plate strengthening. Fibers evenly spread, rolling in the gel polish texture of this base gel. Vitamins E and Calcium strengthen the nail plate and favor the growth of healthy nails.

Poly Gel Full Set Colour
  • 80 eur
Poly Gel Full Set French Finish
  • 85 eur
Poly Gel Full Set Shellac Finish
  • 99 eur
Poly Gel Refills Colour
  • 68 eur
Poly Gel refills French Finish
  • 73 eur
Poly Gel Refills Shellac Finish
  • 88 eur
Gel Nails French full set
  • 70 eur
Gel Nails full set Colour
  • 65 eur
Gel nails colour refill
  • 55 eur
Gel Nails French refill
  • 60 eur
Gel full set with Shellac over
  • 80 eur
Gel refill with Shellac over
  • 65 eur
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