Gel nail extensions

Explore new lengths with our selection of gel nail extensions. Choose innovative gel/acrylic hybrid PolyGel and let our technicians mould the nails of your desires with a lightweight finish, or go back to classics with our standard UV-cured gel extensions. Select from a range of finishes for a fully tailored treatment.

Emi Fiber overlay removal
  • 30min
  • 20 eur

Removal of emi Fiber gel overlay followed by file and shape and nail strenghtener application

Nail Art

Add on extra time for your designs.

Available on Gel / Polygel extensions & semi permanent gel polish.

Price depends on design which will be discussed with your nail technician.

Gel Nails French full set
  • 80 eur
Gel Nails full set Colour
  • 75 eur
Gel nails colour refill
  • 65 eur
Gel Nails French refill
  • 70 eur
Gel full set with Shellac over
  • 90 eur
Gel refill with Shellac over
  • 75 eur
Restorative Manicure (Extension removal)
  • 44 eur

Breathe life back to your natural nails with our Restorative Manicure. Sit back and let our skillful technicians carefully remove your artificial enhancements, damage-free, followed by some much needed TLC to restore harmony

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