Exude elegance with well groomed nails whilst indulging in a little TLC. Our manicures combine expert nail care with deluxe pampering so you feel spoilt and sophisticated.

E.MiLac Gel Polish Off/On (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 50 eur

Discover the power of gel polish that can keep up with you. E.Mi treatment keeps your hands looking preened, primped and proper for up to 3 weeks, so you can feel confident on the go.

Shellac Nails (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 35min
  • 45 eur

Treat your nails with cuticle work before finishing with CND 2 week nail polish for a flawless finish. Shellac nails offers a gentle gel alternative, without sacrificing the long-lasting benefits. As thin as polish, shellac is UV cured for resilient and enviable shine.

Get Naked! Manicure
  • 45 eur

Rescue tired nails with this intensely restorative manicure, designed to create beautiful and healthy nails.

Restore and strengthen your nails by giving them a break from Shellac / E.MiLac Gel Polish.

This manicure includes a complimentary removal of your E.MiLac Gel polish or Shellac , followed by detailed cuticle work. Revitalise your skin and nails with a gentle scrub and soothing cream. Finish the manicure with a therapeutic Nail Tek foaming skin strenghtening polish or a colour polish of your choice. 

Add on BIAB Removal instead for an additional €10

Shellac Off/On (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 45 eur

Refresh your manicure with our Shellac and Removal treatment. Technicians will gently take off your existing Shellac polish, preparing your nails for a fresh coat. Select a polish of your choosing as your hands are expertly adorned with the gel/polish hybrid for results that last.

5th Avenue Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 45min
  • 42 eur

Indulge with our signature manicure at 5th Avenue. This popular treatment involves nail shape work, a nail strengthening bath and cuticle detail. Hands are lightly exfoliated with our scrub, full of natural protein peelings, working to restore the protective skin layer. Finish with an enriching massage with a moisturizer and polish of your choice.

Me, Myself and I - ME by EM.i Gel Polish (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 60min
  • 39 eur

All about me nails with our new ME E.Mi 3 week gel polish!

Looking for guaranteed high quality and easy to apply gel polish? Hello, it’s ME!

Let your new gel polish give you a sense of easy and unlimited possibilities on the way to your dream! Feel free to try and experiment, and don't worry about any failures! The good name of EMI stands for quality and standards. ME is the choice of ambitious dreamers.

  • High quality
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks
Shellac Removal On Hands (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 20 eur

Restore natural nails the healthy way. Our nail technicians will gently remove your Shellac polish, following up with Nail Tek nail strengthener to boost resilience. Finally a nourishing and restoring cuticle treatment replenishes nails for added vitality.

E.MiLac Removal on Hands (Incl. Dry Cuticle Work)
  • 20 eur

Take the time to restore your nails the right way. Our experienced technicians will use carefully selected products to gently remove your E.Mi / The Manicure gel polish whilst preserving your nail health. Nail strengthener will be applied to add a reinforced finish.

Coconut Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 50min
  • 47 eur

Rescue dry and tired hands with our intensely hydrating Coconut Manicure, highly recommended for dry cuticles. Fingertips are soaked in a warm coconut salt followed by an exfoliation using organic coconut scrub and aromatherapy oils. A relaxing massage with moisturising coconut lotion leaves hands silky and smooth, with a final buffing or polishing touch.

Chocolate Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 60min
  • 53 eur

Revive your hand’s youthful radiance in a sweet almond milk bath followed by an alpha-hydroxy anti-aging agent, used to smooth and tone,followed by an exfoliation using organic chocolate scrub.Indulge in your cocoa-filled fantasies with a paraffin effect mask and a relaxing hand massage for silky smooth hands, before finishing with a polish of your choice.

Yon-Ka Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 75min
  • 65 eur

Luxuriate in this immersive Yon-Ka Manicure. Beginning with an aromatic soak in Phyto Brain, vitality is restored to invigorate and tone hands. Cuticle detailing, nail filing and buffing follows along with gentle Phyto-Gel exfoliant. Hands are soothed with a kerogel mask treatment, formulated with damaged hands in mind. We will awaken the senses once more with comforting YonKa Creme Mains lotion and a mist of Yon-Ka lotion returns you to the world in a state of pure bliss. Polish is included.

Voesh Green Tea Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 50min
  • 45 eur

Indulge with our the most recent manicure in Fifth Avenue ''Green tea". Voesh’s Green tea is individual spa manicure is a three-step treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give hands much needed nutrients. Each set is individually packed with the right amount of product for a single manicure, ensuring a clean and hygienic spa manicure solution. Each set includes a Sugar scrub, Mud Masque, and a Massage Lotion system.

Rescue Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 45min
  • 50 eur

Rescue tired nails with this intensely restorative manicure, designed specifically for problematic cuticles or nail biters. Let our experts in nail care perform meticulous cuticle work before restoring moisture back into the cuticles and nails using therapeutic Nail Tek foaming skin polish. Nail growth stimulator Nail Tek helps regain strength in the nails before finishing with a polish of your choice.

Restorative Manicure (Extension Removal)
  • 49 eur

Breathe life back to your natural nails with our Restorative Manicure. Sit back and let our skillful technicians carefully remove your artificial enhancements, damage-free, followed by some much needed TLC to restore harmony.

*CND Vinylux included

Girl in the City Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 35min
  • 36 eur

A quick fix for those on the go our Girl in the City Manicure restores nails in no time, without compromising on perfection. Enjoy a shape and buff, as well as essential cuticle work before finishing with regular polish.

Lux Mini Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 30min
  • 34 eur

Add a hint of luxury to your mini manicure with a rejuvenating exfoliating and moisturising experience. Nails are cut and shaped prior, finishing with a polish of your choice.

French Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 35min
  • 28 eur

Take the mini Manicure and infuse it with a hint of French sophistication. Classic natural polish and white tips add a refined finish to preened nails. Why not allow your creativity to take over with your own colour combination?

Mini Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 20min
  • 24 eur

Take a moment to add a touch of class with our Mini Manicure. Our experienced nail technicians will expertly cut and shape your nails, finishing with a polish of your choice.

HydraFacial Hand Treatment
  • 80 eur

Signature HydraFacial Treatment for tired looking hands.

Improve the texture and appearance of your hands! This treatment is perfect if you have overworked, dry, or aging hands.

For your best results, monthly treatments are highly recommended. Add on LED therapy for an even better result!

Business Class Men’s Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 25min
  • 36 eur

Our Business Class Men’s Manicure tidies up nails for a professional look. Our technicians will shape your nails, performing cuticle work and a light massage before buffing to a matte finish, applying a natural look top coat for a well-kept and smart appearance.

Princess in Paradise Manicure (Incl. CND Vinylux)
  • 20min
  • 29 eur

(For girls under 16)

Her royal highness will have her nails cut, shaped and buffed. Highlighting the importance of nail care from an early age, this manicure is designed for young, delicate hands with no cuticle detailing. A light massage with lotion is followed by a polish of her choice, before crowning her thumbs with nail art.

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