7 Reasons Why You Need Daily SPF Protection All-Year Round

With summertime coming to a close, you might be tempted to pack away your SPF for another year.  The truth is, SPF should be a mainstay in your skincare regime year-round. Yes, even on those cloudy autumn days and cold, dark winter months.  What is SPF? Short for Sun Protection Factor, the SPF rating of … Continued

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PolyGel: The Safe Alternative to Acrylic Nail Extensions

Well-manicured hands exude confidence, style and sophistication. However, for many of us, growing perfectly preened talons can prove arduous and time-consuming. Enter nail extensions. A salon staple, nail extensions have long featured on the treatment menus of beauty parlours world-wide. Their popularity is such that many establishments offer solely nail-related treatments.  But many of these … Continued

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Waxing 101: Benefits, Types and Choosing Lycon

Waxing has risen to become one of the most popular hair removal methods over the last 40 years. Whilst there are at-home options available, it’s long been a mainstay salon treatment, with the sticky substance used to grip and remove unwanted hairs.  In fact, it’s effectiveness is such that it’s often favoured over other popular … Continued

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5 MAJOR Benefits of Chemical Peels for Your Skin (+ Our Recommendations)

Sometimes our skincare regimes need a helping hand. A targeted treatment that can really dig down into those pores and bring some much-needed awakening to our complexions.  The solution? A facial peel. What is a Facial Peel?  The perfect skin pick-me-up, a facial peel uses a concentrated amount of chemicals to shed the top layer … Continued

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