Secret VIP Room @FifthAvenue

We are delighted to be offering this opportunity to YOU and YOUR group, which are always so busy around the Christmas season.  This is the year of wellness so why not explore a private beauty event for your Christmas party with the possibility to have a few canapés and a glass of sparkly. Our Secret VIProom will be used ONLY for … Continued

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7 Reasons Why You Need Daily SPF Protection All-Year Round

With summertime coming to a close, you might be tempted to pack away your SPF for another year.  The truth is, SPF should be a mainstay in your skincare regime year-round. Yes, even on those cloudy autumn days and cold, dark winter months.  What is SPF? Short for Sun Protection Factor, the SPF rating of … Continued

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PolyGel: The Safe Alternative to Acrylic Nail Extensions

Well-manicured hands exude confidence, style and sophistication. However, for many of us, growing perfectly preened talons can prove arduous and time-consuming. Enter nail extensions. A salon staple, nail extensions have long featured on the treatment menus of beauty parlours world-wide. Their popularity is such that many establishments offer solely nail-related treatments.  But many of these … Continued

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Waxing 101: Benefits, Types and Choosing Lycon

Waxing has risen to become one of the most popular hair removal methods over the last 40 years. Whilst there are at-home options available, it’s long been a mainstay salon treatment, with the sticky substance used to grip and remove unwanted hairs.  In fact, it’s effectiveness is such that it’s often favoured over other popular … Continued

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Benefits of Microneedling & Mesoneedling: Skin-Transforming Alternatives to Injectables

Injectables are often seen as the holy grail of facial restructuring and smoothing treatments. But whilst they may create instant results all without going under the knife, skin quality is often overlooked in these procedures.  The truth is, when it comes to making a visible difference to your complexion, quality skincare trumps injectables any day. … Continued

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