Venus Epileve Laser Hair Removal

Venus Epileve™ provides advanced laser hair removal treatments designed for comfort and convenience, anywhere on the face and body. Say goodbye to plucking, waxing, shaving, and stop stressing over the mess of hair removal creams or scratchy stubble. Venus Epileve™ delivers super fast and effective treatments that fit your busy schedule. Pay only per session and only the areas that needs to be treated! Consultation and patch test prior the booking is mandatory.

Consultation/patch test for laser hair removal
    Epileve Lip
    • 25 eur
    Epileve Chin
    • 25 eur
    Epileve Full Face
    • 85 eur
    Epileve Forearm
    • 50 eur
    Epileve Full Arm
    • 85 eur
    Epileve Underarms
    • 35 eur
    Epileve 1/2 Leg
    • 79 eur
    Epileve Full Leg
    • 99 eur
    Any Bikini
    • 66 eur
    Epileve Full Leg + Any Bikini + Underarms
    • 165 eur
    Epileve Lip+Chin
    • 45 eur
    Epileve any Bikini + Underarms
    • 75 eur
    Epileve Full Leg, Any Bikini, Underarm and Full Arm
    • 235 eur
    Course of 6 treatments

      Book and prepay 5 treatments in advance ( same area ) and get the 6th one free!

      Consult with your beauty therapist for the course

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