Polygel nail extensions

Cultivate nail confidence with our polygel nail extension treatments. Let our therapists shape your nails to flatter your personal style, before choosing from a range of polish finishes for a look exclusive to you.

Nail Art

Add on extra time for your designs.

Available on Gel / Polygel extensions & semi permanent gel polish.

Price depends on design which will be discussed with your nail technician.

Poly Gel Full Set Colour
  • 90 eur
Poly Gel Full Set French Finish
  • 95 eur
Poly Gel Full Set Shellac Finish
  • 109 eur
Poly Gel Refills Colour
  • 78 eur
Poly Gel Refills Shellac Finish
  • 88 eur
Poly Gel refills French Finish
  • 83 eur
Restorative Manicure (Extension removal)
  • 44 eur

Breathe life back to your natural nails with our Restorative Manicure. Sit back and let our skillful technicians carefully remove your artificial enhancements, damage-free, followed by some much needed TLC to restore harmony

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