Nail Strengthener Keratin

Item #6729



Keratin Serum has been especially designed for soft, thin, and brittle nails that tend to breaking. It creates a protective layer that reinforces the nail plate by strengthening it: keratin strengthens and moisturizes, while the plant extracts nourish the nail plate.

Keratin Serum stops the nail breakage and helps to fully recover the nails.

Apply as a base coat under a color nail coating or as a self-sufficient main coating, on the prepared nail plate.

For best results, we recommend you to apply Keratin Serum at home, daily – for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Active ingredients:

Keratin deeply penetrates the nail plate, restoring the keratin layer and strengthening the nail structure; intensively moisturizes and restores the moisture balance in the nails.
Plant extracts intensively hydrate and restore the moisture balance in the nails.
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