B + A super powered serums

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LIMITED EDITION  |  B + A super powered serums

• super B complex 50mL
• super A+ serum 15mL

asap super B complex is a unique formulation providing great skin radiance and clarity.

asap super A+ serum targets fine lines, UV damage, uneven skin texture, acne scarring and strengthens the skin by boosting collagen production.

To celebrate asap’s Australian made + owned heritage, this limited edition gift pack has been created in collaboration with Australian artist Lucy Cashmore. Lucy’s vibrant drawings and paintings are an explosion of colourful geometric precision and abstract expressionism.

Apply super B complex after cleansing.

1. Apply super B complex after cleansing.
2. Apply super A + serum sparingly.

super A+ serum and super B complex may be mixed together prior to application.

Limit initial application of super A+ serum to once or twice weekly and gradually increase usage as tolerated.
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