ASAP skin products, Australia's no.1 cosmeceutical skincare range, is an innovative Australian owned company successfully providing the highest quality simple, effective and affordable cosmeceutical skincare for men and women of all skin types for almost two decades. The range is Australian made, offers concise, uncomplicated skincare for busy people and is exclusive to medical and skincare professionals.

asap peel
  • 30min
  • 65 eur

asap’s non-invasive peels can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, irregular texture, dull and sallow skin, acne and pigmentation. 

Exfoliation of the skin is key to maintianing a healthy and well functioning skin. 

asap offer three specific professional peel treatments for various skin concerns: 

asap lactic peel is recommended for dry, mature and sensitive skin types in need of hydration.

asap glycolic peel helps to soften lines, wrinkles, hydrate the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. 

asap reveal peel with AHA/BHA, improves skin texture and restores a fresh, smooth and more youthful appearance to the skin. 

Prior to treatment, our skincare professional will need to conduct an evaluation of your skin to choose the appropriate treatment.

Gym For Skin
  • 30min
  • 55 eur

The perfect 30minute workout for ultimate hydration for dull skin. Soothens and smoothes fine lines giving beautiful hydrated skin.

We offer five different types of skin workouts - our beauty therapists will advise you for the most suitable for Your skin.

Micro Plus+
  • 60min
  • 120 eur

A microplus+ medi-facial is more than a facial. Microplus+ combines the benefits of clinical grade microdermabrasion and sonophoresis for maximum skin correcting results.

Together, they are an effective treatment for: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne, blackheads and congestion
  • Pigmentation
  • Minor scar revision
  • Rejuvenation of dull, tired skin
  • Open pores
  • Age revealing hands and feet