Other treatments

Complement your manicure, pedicure or extensions with our selection of high-quality long-wearing polishes and treatment enhancing services.

EMI gel polish manicure with complimentary EMI collagen gloves
  • 39 eur

We are proud to be using EMI brand in our Fifth Avenue salons.

Over 300 gel polish shades available - now when choosing EMI.lac manicure receive complimentary collagen gloves during the treatment for your skin's protection & hydration.

Available only while the stock lasts

Nail Art
  • 20min

We know that nail art is a must these days - do not hesitate to add on your gel polish / extension treatments!

From nail stickers to hand painted arts!

Please note, price varies on the nail art itself so on the day we can give you the exact cost for this service.

Paraffin Treatment
  • 12 eur

Bathe your skin in intensely nourishing Paraffin wax for an unbelievably soft touch. Submerge your hands into the moisturising wax or let our therapists paint your feet with this soothing elixir before wrapping up in a bag and warm towels to open up the pores for clearer, healthier feet.

Heated Mitts Treatment
  • 10 eur

Experience the warming, moisturizing benefits of our heated mitts treatment. Hydrating lotion is massaged into your hands or feet before being wrapped in plastic and indulged in heated bliss leaving you skin deeply hydrated.

Shellac Nails
  • 33 eur

Treat your nails to this unique hybridized nail polish for a flawless finish. Shellac nails offers a gentle gel alternative, without sacrificing the long-lasting benefits. As thin as polish, shellac is UV cured for resilient and enviable shine.

Shellac + Removal
  • 45min
  • 33 eur

Refresh your manicure with our Shellac and Removal treatment. Technicians will gently take off your existing Shellac polish, preparing your nails for a fresh coat. Select a polish of your choosing as your hands are expertly adorned with the gel/polish hybrid for results that last.

French Shellac
  • 38 eur

Putting a Parisian twist on your nail polish, our French Shellac treatment delivers classic results with a unique, durable finish. Choose from the characteristic natural base and white tip combination, or get creative with our colour selection for nails that reflect your elegance.

Shellac Removal
  • 12 eur

Restore natural nails the healthy way. Our nail technicians will gently remove your Shellac polish, following up with Nail Tek nail strengthener to boost resilience. Finally a nourishing and restoring cuticle treatment replenishes nails for added vitality.

Shellac Toenails
  • 33 eur

Get sandal ready with our Shellac Toenails treatment. Add a touch of glamour with long-lasting results suitable for the promenade or the dinner party. Pair with one of our indulgent pedicure experiences for total foot renewal.

Shellac Toes + Removal
  • 45min
  • 33 eur

Treat your feet the right way with our Shellac Toes and Removal treatment, designed to maintain nail health. Existing Shellac polish is gently removed before applying a fresh coat in a colour of your choice.

French Shellac Toenails
  • 38 eur

Add a touch of class to your feet with our French Shellac Toenails treatment. Hard-wearing polish meets a classical style for a demure finish that lasts. Opt for the standard natural/white tip pairing or select from our range of colours.

E.Mi lac 3 Week Gel Polish on Hands
  • 39 eur

Discover the power of gel polish that can keep up with you. The Manicure Gel Polish/ E.Mi treatment keeps your hands looking preened, primped and proper for up to 3 weeks, so you can feel confident on the go.

E.Mi lac 3 Week Gel Polish on Toes
  • 39 eur

Reward your tired, hardworking feet with a colour boost that lasts up to 3 weeks. The Manicure Gel Polish/ E.Mi treatment for toes ensures your feet are happy and gleaming with a coat or two of sumptuous gel polish.

E.Mi lac 3 Week Gel Polish on Hands French Finish
  • 44 eur

Take long lasting gel results to new levels of sophistication with E.Mi / The Manicure French Finish treatment. Adorning your nails with the classic french tip finish, for an elegant finish that lasts no matter your schedule.

E.Mi lac 3 Weeks Gel Polish on Toes French Finish
  • 44 eur

Up the class with a refined French take on our long-lasting E.Mi/ The Manicure Toes treatment. Tipping each toe nail with a crisp white finish, this two-tone look can be colour customised to your desires.

Shellac + Cuticle Treatment
  • 60min
  • 46 eur

Boost your Shellac nail treatment with some added TLC. Careful cuticle work ensures a healthy nail and smooth application before finishing with a Shellac polish of your choice.

Shellac Toes + Cuticle Treatment
  • 60min
  • 46 eur

Show your toes some attention for an immaculate, long-lasting finish. Our Shellac Toes + Cuticle Treatment gently preps the nails before finishing with a high-shine application of chip-resistant Shellac polish in a colour of your choice.

Collagen Gloves
  • 7 eur

Designed to deeply nourish and hydrate hands, our Collagen Gloves treatment delivers mineral-rich ingredients that take care of your skin from the inside out. Take a pack home to experience a hint of spa-like luxury from the comfort of your own abode.

E.Mi lac 3 Weeks Gel Polish Removal
  • 12 eur

Take the time to restore your nails the right way. Our experienced technicians will use carefully selected products to gently remove your E.Mi / The Manicure gel polish whilst preserving your nail health. Nail strengthener will be applied to add a reinforced finish.

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