Carita Facials With Cinetic lift expert™

Achieve lifted effects without surgery with Cinetic Lift Expert. This unique skincare technology utilises micro-currents, ultrasound and LED therapies to take skin on a transformative journey. The face is sculpted, pores are cleansed and tightened and signs of aging are visibly reduced as the treatment’s multifaceted approach to skincare overhauls your complexion. Combine with a Carita Facial or Peel for total skin renewal.

Genesis of Youth
  • 105min
  • 125 eur

Combine Carita’s age rewinding Genesis of Youth Facial with its innovative Cinetic Lift Expert treatment.

Lagoon Hydration
  • 90min
  • 115 eur

Pair Carita’s intensely moisturising Lagoon Hydration Facial with it’s unique Cinetic Lift Expert system.

Cotton Softness
  • 105min
  • 125 eur

Soothe and lift skin by combining Carita’s Cotton Softness Facial with it’s Cinetic Lift Expert therapy.

Papaya Purity
  • 105min
  • 125 eur

Blend Carita’s skin balancing Papaya Purity Facial with its multi-dimensional Cinetic Lift Expert regimen.

Smooth Wrinkle Peel
  • 60min
  • 115 eur

Fuse Carita’s Smooth Wrinkle Peel Facial with it’s Cinetic Lift Expert technology for a flawlessly refined complexion.

Restoring & Firming Peel
  • 75min
  • 125 eur

Reveal a youthful radiance and tighten up skin with Carita’s Restoring & Firming Peel, combined with it’s Cinetic Lift Expert treatment for a faultlessly smooth texture.

Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing & Skin Restorative Peel
  • 95min
  • 145 eur

Undo the signs of aging and iron out lines with Carita’s Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing & Skin Restorative Peel, paired with the Cinetic Lift Expert technology to exfoliate away the years for a renewed complexion.